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From mother earth to your home.

The pottery produced in Pueblo del Sol comes from 100% natural red clay from our lands, consciously extracted.

For its manufacture we use the techniques of plates, rolls and pinch typical of the region.

We have a culture of awareness with the community, the environment and the final product.

For the same reason we use local clay, we have a wood oven and an electric oven. The firewood is recycled, in the end our pieces are sealed with beeswax.

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The coffee we grow is governed by the principles of organic agriculture, it is a specialty coffee where our plantations range from 500 to 1,200 meters above sea level. All pests and diseases are combated with inputs allowed in organic agriculture and we produce these inputs in Pueblo del Sol.

Our coffees range from 83.5 to 86.5 points and our coffee varieties are semi-washed and semi-washed.

our honey

We manage the species of bee Apis mellifera- Carniola race.

There are 2 to 3 harvests a year and we generally have two different types of honey: monofloral honey and multifloral honey.

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What distinguishes our cosmetics comes from its characteristics, all our products are created with mostly local natural ingredients, which supports the economy and some other ingredients come from the production of our projects in Pueblo del Sol. They are produced 100% % handmade by our community with ingredients approved by the natural cosmetics regulations and all our aromas and benefits come from our certified essential oils.

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Pueblo Del Sol Kits: A Natural Embrace in Every Package

Discover the Collection of Pueblo Del Sol Kits: A Natural Embrace in Each Package

Welcome to the Pueblo Del Sol Kits collection, a unique selection of products designed to nourish your body and soul. From personal care to enjoying coffee, each kit is an invitation to the essence of nature.

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